The Witnesses

The mini  inquests into Kevin’s death gave me no answers – in fact I was realising what had happened and the extremes the West Midland Police had gone to cover up the true facts. No witnesses were ever called to tell in their own words what they had seen, so evidence was suppressed and twisted and turned. The medical evidence made no sense what so ever, the jury never heard what really happened to Kevin at Hillsborough. Kevin was dead and brain-dead by 3.15pm as far as the inquest was concerned. The witnesses say different and so do the forensic pathologists.M


PC. Craighill assisted to carry Kevin from the gate of pen 3 at 3.28pm, he resuscitated Kevin (Video evidence) and then helped to carry Kevin across the pitch . PC. Craighill  changed his statement saying he did not carry Kevin. PC Craighill [see image below] is the police officer without a helmet at the front of the hoarding. As everyone can see he did carry Kevin. Steve Hart is to the left of PC. Craighill, Tony O’keefe behind Steve and a fan called Danny who is holding his broken ribs. Both Steve and Tony say Kevin was alive. PC. Hayes is the police officer in the middle of the hoarding, behind PC Craighill, he has identified himself carrying Kevin and says in his statement that he carried two that day, he can not remember what either of them were wearing or what either of them looked like… all he knows is that they were dead.


Steve Hart is at the front of the hoarding on the left side, carrying Kevin across the pitch. I first met Steve in 1994 when Roger Cook had decided to run Kevin’s case for his TV program… I first spoke to him on the phone to ask would he meet me, he told me he had carried two people that day one was alive and one was dead. We made arrangements to meet in a pub in Liverpool with the researches from the Cook Report, they left Steve and I on our own to discuss Kevin, I showed Steve a photograph of Kevin and he told me right away that Kevin was alive – he had no doubt about it. Steve told me how he had gone down the tunnel and ended up at the front of the fences struggling for his life, he then saw a gap which he managed to get through and get over the fences were he helped pull up fans from the pens. After a while he had become tired and stepped down to let another fan take his place pulling fans up to safety. Steve then helped people on the ground and as he walked along the goal mouth he saw a lot of people who were dead and discoloured, he then came to Kevin who was already placed on a hoarding, Steve grabbed the front and the fans ran up the pitch with Kevin to the North Stand. Steve told me they passed Kevin over to a SYP PC. and went back to help others… I have visual evidence of Kevin lying on his back all alone up at the North Stand – the PC. had left him.

 Steve took part in the Roger Cook report, we have stayed in touch all these years, Steve has done numerous interviews telling the public that Kevin was still alive well after the  3.15pm cut off time imposed at the inquest, he is also a valued member of HFH For justice and will be called to give evidence if Kevin gets his new inquest.


I had PC. Bruder’s number from the copies of his statements so I rang Merseyside Police and found he worked at Hope Street Police station in Liverpool, I then rang PC. Bruders superior to see if I could meet PC. Bruder. I Met PC. Bruder at Hope St Police station at 4.00pm the following Sunday. The first question I asked PC. Bruder was “Do you remember Kevin?” he told me he would never forget Kevin right down to his boxer shorts.  I asked PC. Bruder why he had changed his statement about the pulse he had found in Kevin and about Kevin being sick, PC. Bruder said he had not changed his mind; that when Det Inspector Sawyers of the West Midland Police visited him on the 3rd May 1990 he came with a medical brief, while they were going over the medical evidence Det Inspector Sawyers asked if he could use the phone, Det Inspector Sawyers rang up Dr Slater the Dr who had carried out Kevin’s autopsy and had given evidence at Kevin’s first mini inquest the day before.
PC Bruder spoke to Dr Slater about the condition of Kevin. PC Bruder said he spoke to the guy on the phone and said “you are the medical expert but I know what I saw and did for Kevin.”

Dr Slater has perverted the course of Justice, he was a witness himself , he had no right to ring up Mr Bruder to discuss Kevin – this should have been done in open court in front of  the jury.

PC Bruder told me that he had seen Kevin lying on the ground at the Spion kop end, Kevin was moving, so PC Bruder made his way down from the North Stand to help Kevin, when he got to Kevin there was a St Johns Amublanceman and a Liverpool fan with Kevin. PC Bruder found a pulse in Kevin and started resuscitation, helped by the St Johns Ambulance man. An ambulance passed at 3.37pm and PC. Bruder shouted for someone to stop it as he wanted to put Kevin in it, it would not stop, it had orders to go straight to Leppings lane end of the ground. PC. Bruder told me that Kevin had a pulse and if that meant he was alive then he was alive at 3.37pm. PC Bruder was adamant about the ambulance that had passed at 3.37pm but Det Inspector Sawyers asked him if he was not mistaken, was it the ambulance at 3.2opm exiting off the ground? PC Bruder was adamant it was entering the ground not exiting and the timing was 3.37pm. I asked PC. Bruder would he put what he had told me in writing, he declined but said that if I had a new inquest into Kevin’s death he would attend in person and tell the jury that Kevin had been sick and that he had a pulse and if that meant Kevin was alive then he was alive at 3.37pm.

PC.Bruder attended the Lord Justice Stuart Smith Scrutiny on the 6th October 1997, PC.  Bruder told Stuart Smith that he did not think his evidence had been “ presented in its entirety nor in a professional manner” about the Hillsborough tragedy by the Police force concerned. He again retold what he had witnessed and done for Kevin; “When I approached the young man (Kevin) his head had moved as if he was being sick, when I got to him I cleared his mouth and throat of vomit, during this time an ambulance entered the ground, I asked the St John’s Ambulanceman to stop it, he tried to flag it down but it carried on. I provided a second statement on the 17th August 1989 where I identified myself on photographs which were shown to me. On the 3rd of May 1990 an inspector from the West Midland Police came to my home, he told me he needed to take a further statement to clarify certain medical issues that I had made in my first statement. We had a discussion about my first statement and it became apparent that the inspector had a medical brief written down on paper which he would refer to when taking the statement. We both had difficulty understanding the medical terms, he then asked could he use my phone which I agreed to and I think he rang the coroner’s office, he had a conversation on the phone and told of the difficulty he was having. He then handed the phone to me and I spoke with someone I understand to be from the coroner’s office. (Dr Slater) He asked me about the points in my first statement, I remember him using medical terms explaining that sometimes in the throes of death a body builds up gases inside it causing the body to wriggle slightly and I could be mistaken this for the movement that I had witnessed.

The Inspector (Det Inspector Sawyers) then went on to explain how all of the video recordings and the TV footage of the tragedy had been studied by the inquiry team and the ambulance mentioned by me as entering the stadium in my first statement could not have been correct as there was no evidence to support this. He went on to say could it have been my imagination playing tricks with me as there were many things going on at the time and that I could have been mistaken. This really annoyed me and I told him that I was not mistaken, nor did I imagine the ambulance and I insisted that he made reference to it in the statement. I seem to remember the mini inquest on Kevin Williams was held a short time after I provided the second statement. In fact it could have been the day after the statement was taken. I told the inspector that I would be available to give evidence at the inquest should I be required.

Pc Bruder has told me when I met him in Dec 1991 he was waiting to be called to give evidence at Kevin’s inquest. Kevin was the only person PC. Bruder resuscitated that dreadful day.

Due to the confusion and  difficulties in taking my last statement regarding my opinions and the medical opinion I expected to give evidence at the inquest in order to clarify my position on the obvious grey areas which emerged. To my surprise I was never called to give evidence in the case of Kevin Williams.

Lord Justice Stuart Smith starts to ask PC. Bruder question, I have marked Q. for Stuart Smith and A. for PC. Brunder’s answer.

Q. ” I refer to feeling for a carotid pulse in the neck and said in my original statement that I thought I could detect a pulse. However, I feel that I am able to correct this. I felt for the pulse with the first two fingers of my left hand I believe to be the carotid archery. is that correct.

A. Yes, I would say that was correct.

Q.”Whilst I would now have much more skill, on the day I can not say with absolute certainty that I went accurately to the carotid archery,” is that correct?

A. That is correct but again I must refer to the phone call (Dr Slater) about: did I touch the adams apple, did I take the pulse near to the adams apple or was fit in the region of the neck. I said well, were talking a matter of —

Q. You cannot be sure.

A. —- an inch, two inches here. In my opinion I had taken someone’s pulse before from the neck and I took it from the neck.

Q. I entirely follow that. you thought you had taken a pulse.

A. Exactly.

Q. but, as I understand it you were saying in this statement (second statement) well, I might have been mistaken about that?

A. No, not at all. I definitely found a pulse.

Q .No, that you took the pulse but that you might have been mistaken in actually feeling a pulse because that is what you are saying here I think? (Second statement).

A. What I am saying — I can certainly clarify this. When I went to the lad, I took a pulse from his neck, I am convinced it was a pulse, that is it in a nutshell.

Q. You do not think you could have been mistaken.

A. Most definitely not. again, this the confusion we have with relation to the medical points and condition which were mentioned on the phone at the time of taking my second statement. This was all mentioned on the phone and I discussed the matter with him. (Dr Slater) he went over  a number of matters and again I know what I did on the day. I wasn’t in any position to say other wise and I can definitely confirm at this point that as far as I am concerned I went to the male, I felt a pulse in his neck, end of story.

Q. When you say at the end of that paragraph: (second statement)”For all these reasons I can say that I felt for a pulse in the region of carotid artery but I may have also touched the area of the Adam’s apple or felt something in the neck region, which I originally thought was a pulse but may have been mistaken.” You wish to say that those words may have been mistaken and should be excluded.

B. Again I hope you don’t think I’m being forward, however, these were all put to me by people who I thought were medical experts. (Dr Slater) I told them my opinion and they were telling me: could you have felt the Adam’s apple, could it have been this could it have been that?I am not in a position to dispute anything that they were saying to me. what I am saying is: I went to the lad, felt a pulse and of that I am not mistaken. it’s as simple as that. As I say I hope you don’t think I am being forward but that is the case.

Dr Slater carried out Kevin’s autopsy, I also have three forensic reports from  top pathologists at Guys Hospital in London who disagree with Dr Slater’s finding on numerous points, not only did Dr Slater mislead the jury at Kevin’s inquests he spoke to  PC. Bruder on the phone on the 3rd May 1990 the day before Kevin’s 2nd inquest and put questions to him that he could not answer, as PC. Bruders says there  was confusion in taking his second statement due to the conversation on the phone by Dr Slater.  I feel Dr Slater’s evidence at Kevin’s inquest is unsafe as Dr Iain West had said you do not ring up a witness, if you are unsure then that witness would be called to give evidence under oath to the inquest jury. Dr West had said in one of his reports “If PC. Bruder found a pulse in Kevin at 3.37pm then he was dealing with a live body.

PC Bruder tending to Kevin, assisted by Liverpool fan Johnny Prescot, photo timed at 3.37pm .



Johnny Prescot is the Liverpool fan [on the left of the photograph above] supporting Kevins head. I met Johnny in 1996 when he had seen the photograph of himself on the Roger Cook Report TV program and tracked me down, I had appealed for him to come forward in the Liverpool Echo but had never found him. Johnny had never been to a football match or bought the Liverpool Echo since Hillsborough. Johnny told me he saw Kevin on the ground, he was not blue like some he had seen and Kevin’s clothes were not soiled, he went to get the St Johns Ambulance man (video evidence) when they got back to Kevin PC. Bruder had also got to Kevin. Johnny was shouting to PC. Bruder “Help me mate” Johnny told me that he remembers PC. Bruder saying I’ve got a pulse and then he and the St Johns ambulance man worked on Kevin. After a while an ambulance came onto the pitch and PC Bruder shouted for some one to stop it, Johnny told me the St Johns ambulance man tried to stop it but it would not stop, after a while PC. Bruder left Kevin and he was sick himself. A nurse or St Johns ambulance women came over and shone a torch in Kevin’s eyes and said he had gone, PC. Bruder left the scene. Johnny stayed with Kevin and Special WPC Martin came over and checked Kevin and found a pulse, Johnny helped to put Kevin on the stretcher and Special WPC. Martin took Kevin into the gym. Johnny had never been interviewed by anyone after Hillsborough. Johnny has now written out a statement, we have photographic evidence and visual evidence of Johnny tending to Kevin.

Johnny’s evidence backs up what PC. Bruder has said in his first statement, especially the pulse and the ambulance which Inspector  Sawyers had said PC. Bruder was mistaken about at Kevin’s inquest.


In 1994 I had got Roger Cook of The Cook Reports interested in running a program on Hillsborough, Roger was interested in the ambulance that PC. Bruder was so adamant about. Now that we had found it on video Roger tracked down the assistant to the driver Tony Edwards so they took me to Sheffield to meet Tony. I met Tony in a hotel and he told me that he was on the ground and he would have passed Kevin and PC. Bruder at 3.37pm. Tony had a radio message to go to the Hillsborough Football Ground -he did not know what was happening at the ground, when he arrived he was at the Pennistone Lane end and was in the first of 44 ambulances lined up. Tony was told to get on the pitch and go straight to the Leppings Lane end as there were fatalities, he told me that the police had made a cordon which stopped him entering on to the ground, the police told Tony they could not go on as they were fighting on the ground. Tony was joined by Alan Hopkins, his senior, who told him to mow through the cordon and go straight to Leppings Lane, so they put on then horns and two tones and mowed through the cordon, everyone was banging on the ambulance but they had orders not to stop. Tony told me they had no difficulty driving on with the ramp that it was the police cordon that had stopped the other ambulances from following them onto the ground.

The Families were led to believe that the reason they could not get the ambulances on the ground was due to ramps and the design of the ground. Tony’s ambulance was never mentioned in the Taylor Inquiry, Lord Taylor mentions the 3.15pm which was the St Johns ambulance and the first SYMA at but there was no mention of the 3.35pm .

Tony tried to get triage [a process of prioritising injured at a major disaster] all of these poor people desperately trying to save their friends – he was in an impossible situation, none of the 43 ambulances had followed Tony on to the pitch. He told the Liverpool fans to take their friends to the ambulances up at the Pennistone end of the ground, Tony took 3 casualties to hospital but unfortunately they died on the way. Tony wrote out his statement within weeks of the disaster, he was never called to give evidence at the Taylor inquiry or the inquests. I explained to Tony about PC. Bruder and what Det Inspector Sawyers of the WMP had said at Kevin’s inquest; that PC.Bruder was mistaken about the ambulance, it must have been the 3.20pm exiting the ground that PC. Bruder saw and the coroner had then said if PC. Bruder was wrong about the ambulance then he must have been mistaken about the condition of Kevin. Tony also told me that he was interviewed  at Rotherham Ambulance Station in October 1989 by Det Inspector Sawyers and Det Inspector Layton, they had shown Tony a video of his ambulance and clothing of the deceased. Nearly six years later we had found Tony ! If Tony had been called to the inquests to give evidence he would have been able to tell the jury that people were alive well past the 3.15pm cut off time and that South Yorkshire Police had cordoned off all the care for these poor people. Tony wrote a letter to whom it may concern to say PC. Bruder was right about the ambulance then he must have been right about the condition of Kevin.
Tony Edwards has since left the ambulance service, he will help any of the families in our fight for Justice.

In the inquest the coroner had said that it did not matter what time any medical assistance arrived, these people were beyond help. The families did not know at that time that there was no medical help because South Yorkshire Police had cordoned off all the care for the 96, if the jury had known about the police cordon they may have considered a Lack of Care verdict instead of Accidental Death. It appears that all those whose evidence indicated that people were still alive after 3.15pm were never called to give evidence or they were bullied by West Midland Police to change their evidence. Det Inspecter Sawyers stood in Kevin’s inquest so adamant that PC. Bruder was mistaken about Tony Edwards’ ambulance – when all along he knew it existed!


Special WPC Martin had made two statements, her first statement was made within weeks of the disaster… she tells of how she came across Kevin on the pitch and found a slight pulse in his neck, Debra took Kevin into the gym where they had been placing the injured on one side and the dead on another. Debra was told to put Kevin on the injured side in the gym and carry out the necessary – Debra  did heart massage and resuscitated Kevin. Kevin’s ribs began to move, she said “I got him” she then picked Kevin up in her arms and he opened his eyes, he did not look straight at Debra and then he moved his mouth and murmured the word “Mum” … then he slumped back and died.

In Debra’s second statement anything that refered to signs of life in Kevin was gone – no reference to a pulse, no reference to him saying Mum – she said she was prescribed medication and she was off her head when she wrote the first statement.

I rang South Yorkshire Police as I had Debra’s number from her statements, I was told that Debra had left the force, the personell department said that if I wrote a letter to Debra they would pass it on, which I did. It was on the 20th February 1991 that I received a phone call off Debra Martin saying that she wanted to come to Formby where I lived to tell me what she had done for Kevin… we arranged for her to come on the following Saturday 22nd February 1991.

I met Debra off the 1.00pm train at Formby Station and took her back to my house, I had  a solicitor with me named Ann Addlington who Debra did not mind being there. I was horrified at what Debra had to tell me! She allowed us to record what she had to say; Kevin did die in her arms calling my name, everything was as she had said in her first statement. Debra was a dental nurse and she said she knew what she was doing as she had treated people who had heart attacks while they were at the dentist, “I had more medical experience than most of the PCs on duty that day“. Debra had made her first statement up from notes in her pocket-book and like PC. Bruder she remembers everything about Kevin, Debra had carried a lot of injured into the gym and some who were dead… Kevin was the only one that she had resuscitated.

A few months after the disaster Debra was visited at her home by a DC. Appleton of the West Midland Police force – she had come to try to get Debra to change her statement. Such considerable pressure was put on Debra that in the end she had signed the second statement without reading it… she had been bullied and brow beaten, even pestered at her workplace. When we showed Debra the second statement she said she had not said the things that were in it, she made a third statement out in the presence of solicitor Ann Addlington saying that she stuck by her first original statement and that the second statement was compiled by the West Midland Police officer. Debra was due to join the South Yorkshire Police force the following summer but she left the force due to the behaviour of  the West Midland Police.
Her words to me were “All I was doing was helping a little boy at Hillsborough and my own turned on me.” ( see Debra’s interview on Cook Report. )

After my meetings with Special WPC Debra Martin and PC. Derek Bruder I believed Kevin was alive up till 4.00pm, if I had not tracked these Police officers down I would never have found out the TRUTH. Both PC. Bruder and Special WPC Martin were honest and had written their first statements out within weeks of the disaster and told the TRUTH but West Midland Police did not want the TRUTH – because if Kevin was alive up until 4.00pm then the coroner would not have been able to impose the 3.15pm cut off point at the inquests.

So many lives have been ruined because of the Hillsborough cover up, not just the families and survivors, but professional people who were doing their job properly.


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  1. Margaret O' Donovan says:

    You Will Never Walk Alone…we will walk with you….in voice and in heart…..JFT96 GBNF YNWA

  2. Absolutely sickening and disgusting from the authorities, simply shocking, Hillsborough was/is the biggest miscarriage of justice in British history. How anyone with power reading just this page alone and think something MUST BE DONE is beyond me.

    Well done Anne, Keep Fighting, JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL! for the poor little Kevin, the other 95, survivors, the familys and everyone affected by the first disaster, also for humanity, honesty and decency.

  3. paddyma says:

    after reading your statements i find it even more sick that these people are still allowed to walk our streets after killing so many people and still lying to this very day i wonder what they will do if it ever happens to one of thier familys on a day out and i hope the other old dog is in pain for the rest off her days till she snuffs it , you would think the familys of these people would make them get it off there chests before they put so many people through more pain and heartach. r.i.p.96 y n w a.

  4. Moe Connely says:

    These statements say it all, no need for accusations, the truth is there , we are not afraid of the truth, WHY ARE THEY, a miscarriage of justice does not come close to it, A COVER UP, is more apt.

  5. ian gibbons says:

    totaly heart breaking anne so much evidence ignored
    nearly 23 years since we were there still feels like yesterday
    god bless you anne , you no the truth so do they
    keep strong you will get them ynwa jft96

  6. tracyshankly horkins says:

    they say the police r hear 2 help us will can u tell me where they were on that day cause 2 me they didn’t care about the people that they lefted n all the lies that have been told we will keep frighting 4 what we belive ynwa jft96 you will never walk alone jft96 keep up the work Ann we r all behind you x

  7. Maria O Donovan says:

    There are no words to describe the injustice, this is why we must find out the truth. Jft96

  8. Audrey O'Keefe says:

    I admire you so much Anne, your love and dedication to your son is for all to see and you will get justice.

  9. Ray says:

    Why do we allow police to act in the way they do. They are meant to serve us ! Someone remind them.

  10. Moe Connely says:

    If you hav’nt signed after reading this, then please do so now,

  11. Andrea brown says:

    They tell us to put are trust in the police what a joke they make me sick . He was just a child I tell u this kevin you will Never Walk Alone and justice will be done x

  12. John kelly says:

    It breaks my heart reading this Ann. I was at hillsborough and still can’t talk about it.take comfort from the fact that many people are supporting you we are re-tweeting like crazy and THEIR WILL BE JUSTICE.god bless

  13. Richard Gibson says:

    Let justice be done. Ynwa.

  14. stockdam says:

    All the guys on the RAWK LFC forum are doing their best to highlight the petition.

  15. karen smith says:

    I found this story really upsetting and my heart goes out to all the family.I also find it hard that people lied though out the most tragic time in liverpool and am descusted by the way the law and parliment at this time delt with the whole sittuation an I personally hope Kevins family find comfort one day.

  16. This is truly sad, the truth will out, Thatchers goverment have their hands covered in dead peoples blood and are unwilling to come clean, but I believe we are getting ever closer every day, God Bless you Anne and your family YNWA JFT96

  17. Mark carter says:

    Bastards!!! To young to witness but I’ve seen and read so much! What a brave, determined woman! YNWA

  18. As many of you know, I am a survivor of Hillsborough, and for 23 years I have had to carry the burden and pain of it all. And for 23 years, the bereaved families and the survivors have been fighting for JUSTICE after being lied to, accused, mocked, been denied their basic human rights with this massive cover up and fabrications from many quarters. These cowards are hiding, but we will find them and believe me JUSTICE IS COMING FOR KEVIN AND THE 95 OTHER ANGELS. YNWA

  19. kasey says:

    Hope you get justice and closure you and your family need. X

  20. david chandler says:


  21. There are still voices that need to be heard.
    There are stories that haven’t been truly told.
    It is about time that people listened and understood.
    Justice for one………justice for all.
    Anne, you are an inspiration to all facing adversity.
    I hope you get the Justice you so rightly deserve.

  22. Julie Cox says:

    I shed a tear reading all of the above, I hope and pray you get answers and justice to be done…. God bless all of the 96 and all of their families xxxx

  23. joady power says:

    on behalf of all true liverpool supporters in ireland i will do all i can to help you in anyway possible to help and generate funds to get our answers

  24. william evans says:

    This could have been ANY family in Britain.This could have been ANYONE’S son in Britain.This could have been ANY mothers nightmare in Britain. THIS could have been YOUR NIGHTMARE!

    Ashamed to be British!

  25. Juan says:

    The cover up on that day must be exposed.Wrongdoers must be brought to book,and Justice needs to done.

  26. Paul says:

    There has to be justice! YNWA

  27. Gerry Caff says:

    I watched this match which was shown live on Irish televion.I’ll never forget the terrible scenes from that day.The obstruction of the establishment in Brittain is sickening.I hope u get justice for Kevin and all the other innocent victims.

  28. Lisa Price says:

    I sat and read this and shed tears. Anne as a Mum of two young sons I cannot even begin to imagine what you and the other families went through and are still going through.
    By God, there has to be some justice….surely. Keep strong and fight till the truth comes out – which it will xx

  29. Jeremy Dirckze says:

    I was one of the lucky ones who moved out of the middle pen earlier . I went to the upper pen in the corner where it was half empty . It took a long time even from 25yds away to realise what was happening and when I did as a doctor I volunteered to help as best I could. I went up to the far end where they were taking the injured and attempted to assess and resuscitate as many people as I could . It was after 3.30 when I got there and I know that people were alive then who didn’t survive. I wrote to the inquiry recounting my experiences especially refuting (in my opinion) the 3.15 cut off point but never had any sort of acknowledgement or reply.
    There must have been 20-30 other doctors and 200 nurses and trained first aiders in the crowd but there was no call for help over the tannoy – synonymous with the perceived view at the time that football fans were ‘lesser beings’ – instead I later heard that they put out appeals for medical help over local radio. I still have feelings of guilt that I didn’t realise earlier what was going on and get down to help sooner.
    All that is being asked for is an acknowledgement of the truth about what happened that day so that the world will finally understand what actually happened and who was responsible . Hopefully then the lost ones and their families as well as survivors will finally get the respect that they were cruelly denied at the time and for nearly 23 years since that day.

  30. jen says:

    We lost a family memeber too at hillsborough,it never leaves you! I can remeber it so clear, we owe it to all the families to finally have the truth about that awful day. We all know the lies and cover up happened -we just need the government to open up! JF96 !

  31. John henry says:

    Well done Anne. You’ll never walk alone.

  32. jimmy says:

    Anne You’ll never walk alone.
    I was at the game, I walked through those gates.
    I saw it all happen from the stands.
    I can never forget that day.
    You will get justice for Kevin
    the truth will be told

  33. neil hughes says:

    The sooner you and the other 95 familys get that it has been a cover up out in the open as we all no it has people will hang the heads in shame not just the police it goes beoned them in a big way,it took me over 15 years not to be guilty for not dieing that day.from the moment someone died the fans was going to get the blam,just how can cctv go missing from control room inside minutes we only official people were aloud in there,and the first fans that got out put back in the pens next to the central ones with arms up the back it stinks but the whole world will soon no,expose the lies before Thatcher dies.jft96 ynwa,from a fan that will never never forger and my kids will never no anything but the truth,I was only 15 at the time myslef my first away game,think about that day every.

  34. Sarah valentine says:

    Such a brave and determined woman is it a disgrace that we still don’t have the truth told keep fighting Anne unwanted

  35. sarah coffey says:

    As your fight for justice goes on, may you walk with the knowledge that we walk with you in your fight for justice , #jft96. I hope that when the truth finally comes out you through the bloody book at all the lying and conniving people who took it upon them selves to say untruths and hide because they couldn’t cope..!!! #jft96. Kevin and the other 95 victims will be waiting and watching for the truth to finally be told. JUSTICE FOR THE 96 !! Sarah

  36. Maria says:

    Such devastating truths which will come out. We cannot allow those who perpetrated such disgusting crimes and cover ups to continue to walk free whilst so many suffer from their lies and disgraceful actions. We are getting closer to the truth being revealed to everyone Anne. Justice won’t take away the pain but is the very least Kevin and our 95 other friends and family members deserve. I admire your courage and strength over the years, you are amazing.

  37. neil hughes says:

    We no and soon the rest of the country will no what them fans had to go though and how the police and every one else did to cover there lies up and then they will not be able to look the familys in the eyes,and hang there heads in shame expose the lies before Thatcher dies jft96

  38. Kerri Yorkston says:

    Seeing the photos and reading Kevin’s story just astounds me again that this has been allowed. How the authorities thought they could get away with this. A tragic unnecessary loss of life. I respect Anne to the hilt and beyond, for the determination but it saddens me that the fight had to be fought. I hope with all my heart that justice is carried. JFT 96 YNWA

  39. Liam Donovan says:

    Every single guilty bastard should pay, Wright is dead so I assume he’ll be blamed now, they retired Duckenfield but he should be wormed back out and dealt with and throw away the keys for Middup and Bettison And Patnick. Worse than murderers FAR worse. RIP Kevin and all the innocent x

  40. John stocks says:

    David Frost,Pc at Hillsboro,vilified trying to expose the cover up,in today’s Independent.He was a friend of mine, any thoughts

  41. bev anne says:

    lets hope justice will truely be done for the 96 and their families. someone should be made accountable for not just the disaster but the disgusting cover up by the authorities…my thoughts are with you all who lost someone that day x

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