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The coroner split the inquest into two, firstly we had mini inquest into the deaths of the 96,  the mini inquests would determine WHO that person was, WHERE that person died and WHAT that person died from… HOW would be answered at the main inquest which was to follow.

At the main inquest the coroner decided to impose a cut off time off 3.15pm, the reason being he said everyone who had died at Hillsborough died from Traumatic Asphyxia which is very quick. When Beardsley hit the goal post at the Nottingham Forest end of the ground  it caused a big surge, the fans thinking it was a goal, when this surge came it would have crushed everyone so badly that their chests would have been compressed and they would have been deprived of oxygen and blood to the brain… this mechanism would cause a person to go unconscious within a minute and they would have been rendered brain dead within 4 to 5 mins. This is the reason the coroner imposed the Cut off time, by 3.15pm the 95 (Tony Bland on life support) would have been dead or brain dead, so it did not matter what time any medical personnel arrived these poor people were beyond help.

The families at this time did not know that the SYP had cordoned off 44 ambulances, as far as we were told they could not get the vehicles on due to ramps and the design of  Sheffield Wednesdays ground.

At the main inquest no evidence came out after 3.15pm when Hillsborough was at its worst, so the jury never heard any evidence after that time, this secured an Accidental Death verdict which let the South yorkshire Police off the hook. Even though the Taylor Report blamed the SYP the inquest verdict protected SYP.


The Hillsborough working party was set up by Liverpool city council, it was chaired by the late Jack Spriggs and run by the city councillors. We had regular meetings in the office in Dale St, they supported us and paid our fares and hotel at Judicial review. We had full support of Liverpool council they would write letters on our behalf and supported families.


In 1991 myself and five other families submitted a Memorial ( Legal term for all the evidence) to the Attorney General seeking a new inquest into the deaths of our loved ones. We all had some evidence that are loved ones were still alive after the 3.15pm cut off time and we all disagreed with the cut off time. Strong medical evidence from the top Forensic Pathologist at Guys which suggested that some of the six did not die from Traumatic asphyxia. This brought into question could more lives have been saved?

The Attorney General is the only person who is able to recommend a new inquest under section 13 of the coroners act, whereby reason of Fraud, new evidence since the inquest, irregularity of proceedings, insufficiency of inquiry, suppressing of evidence, it is necessary and desirable in the interest of Justice that a new inquest is recommended.

The Attorney General refused our submission – the reason – Not in the interest of Justice that a new inquest should be held. We then decided to challenge his answer and seek a Judicial Review in the Royal Courts of Justice. The case started on the 1st November 1993 till the 4th November 1993, all the evidence was heard by a two high court judges one a Law Lord. We were told to attend the court the following day for our Judgement… they had decided already what the outcome was.

Without going into all the legal terms we were once again stitched up, all the evidence we had, had been ignored, legally we had no where to go.

I decided to write to the TV documentary programmes to see if they were interested in the evidence myself and other families had uncovered. In february Roger Cook and his team were interested in running a programme on the evidence we had, this went out in June 1994 (“Kevin’s Mum“) Roger interviewed all the witnesses and other families. The Cook Report helped people understand the 3.15pm cut off point and why so many families were unhappy about  it. A lot of people thought Taylor has blamed the police so WHY won’t these families go away?
The publicity and the evidence from the Cook Report gave me a parliamentary debate in then House of Commons on the 26th November 1994. All the evidence was well presented by my MP at the time Sir Malcolm Thornton, the Attorney General  Sir Nicholas Lyall attended and he promised he would look at Kevin’s case and all the evidence from the Cook Report which would have to be put into written format as he could not take the evidence from a TV programme.


I instructed my barrister Edward Fitzgerald QC to start a new draft to submit once again to the Attorney General. We had uncovered more evidence with the help of Roger Cook who found Tony Edwards [see Witnesses] the assistant driver who entered the ground at 3.35pm, West Midland police the investigating force had told the inquest that there was never an ambulance on the ground at that time and it was not on video… funnily enough we found it on the WMP own compilation video!
Tony was able to tell us that the police had cordoned him off, that they could not go on the ground as the fans were “still fighting”. Tony had a radio message asking him to go straight to Leppings Lane as there were fatalities… Tony put on his two-tone and lights and mowed through the cordon, none of the other ambulances followed, there was no medical care for Kevin and others who were laid on the ground at the Spion kop end of the ground. The Memorial we submitted was strong, we had 3 reports from top Forensic pathologists saying Kevin did not die from Traumatic asphyxia and was not dead or brain-dead by the 3.15pm cut off time. Kevin died at 4.00pm in the arms of SWPC Debra Martin who came forward to tell me what she did for Kevin and how she was bullied by WMP to change her original statement.
All the fraud, suppressing of vital evidence and perverting the course of Justice… enough evidence for the Attorney General to recommend a new inquest. My MP Sir Malcolm Thornton went with me in 1995 to submit the Memorial to the Attorney General in the Houses of Parliament.


While I was waiting for the Attorney General to come back with his answer, Jimmy McGovern had come on the scene wanting to make a drama about Hillsborough. I spent a lot of time with Jimmy and talking to his researchers about the evidence in Kevin’s case which the Roger Cook report helped, Jimmy wanted to run Kevin’s case as the main story in the drama… I was happy to do this. In the mean time my MP  had a meeting with the Attorney General and Sir Malcolm was pleased with the outcome, then a few weeks later my MP told me to keep out of the drama as it may jeopardise Kevin’s case with the Attorney General. It was a terrible decision that I had to make… I knew publicity helps with seeking Justice but I decided to drop out of the drama, I rang Jimmy to tell him, I know I let him down but although he could blast Kevin’s case all over the media he could not give me the inquest which I wanted to get the Death certificate put right. Funny enough months after the Hillsborough drama was shown the Attorney General came back with his answer – it was not in the interest of Justice that Kevin should get a new inquest.

My Barrister had told me even though the evidence was clearly there he did not think that Kevin would get his inquest, the reason being it would open the evidence after 3.15pm which played a big role in the cover up of Hillsborough. I was realizing that I was up against the British legal system, they covered up Hillsborough so they are not going to let my case through. The worst thing is when you know you are right and you have all the evidence to prove you are right and you just keep hitting a brick wall.


After the Hillsborough drama was shown the government had to sit up and do something about it. In 1997 Jack straw who was the Justice Minister at the time told the families that they would have a Scrutiny into the evidence that family’s had and he brought in Lord Justice Stuart Smith to look at our evidence and report on his findings. Any families wishing to submit any evidence to the Scrutiny could do so, all the evidence which had been collected over the years was submitted… when the final report came out everything was twisted and turned round, one mans opinion as to what happened at Hillsborough – another stitch up.


I had uncovered more evidence since my last submission to the Attorney General so I was able to submit once again under section 13 of the coroners act.  All the witnesses that had helped Kevin tell a different story to what Kevin’s inquest says, again I was told by Edward Fitzgerald QC that Kevin will not get a new inquest as it will open a big can of worms.

It is very frustrating when you have all the evidence as required under section 13 which means Kevin should have got his new inquest the first time I submitted… where is the justice?

Once again I was refused a new inquest into the death of my son, Kevin was the only little boy who had two mini inquests into his death, one on the 2nd May 1991 and one on the 4th May 1991. No witnesses were called… just parts of statements read out by the West Midland Police, so they could suppress any evidence that they did not want the jury to hear – which they did. I have uncovered the Truth of what happened to Kevin, Kevin died at 4.00pm, if he had received oxygen it could have saved his life. Kevin was not dead or brain-dead by 3.15pm like his inquests say.


After my third submission to the Attorney General was refused we then decided to submit Kevin’s case into the European Courts of Human Rights under section 2 “The Right To Life” because Kevin had died in the hands of the state he was entitled to a fair trial to determine How he died. Kevin’s inquests were empty – they gave me no answers… I was lied to about his injuries and witnesses were never called to give evidence, just parts of their changed statements were read out by the WMP.


After submitting into Europe I felt I could take a break from Hillsborough, I was pleased I had got the case into Europe, hoping when they read all of the evidence, the fraud, perverting the course of Justice, suppressing of vital evidence that they would recommend Kevin got his new inquest – his right. It took two years for their answer which came just before the 20th Anniversay of Hillsborough.


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