Kevin Daniel Williams

Kevin was a happy 15-year-old who studied hard and loved his football, Kevin had a season ticket and always went to the home games, the away games we used to send him with an organised mini bus with  a few grownups and friends of Kevin. The semi final at Hillsborough was the first away game he went to without an adult, Kevin’s dad let him go on condition he caught the police escort train to take him and his friend Andrew safely to Sheffield. Kevin and Andrew entered the ground that day at 1.30pm, they went through the turnstiles with their tickets and went into pen 4.  At 1.45pm  they spotted a few other Formby boys and decided to join them in pen 3.

As the pens started to get full Kevin became concerned and had said to Andrew “Its getting a bit packed in here.” Kevin was stood on his sisters packed lunch box which he had taken with him, the game kicked off and a big surge came in the crowd, Kevin was pushed away from Andrew towards the barrier that broke.

Andrew never saw Kevin alive again.

John Herbert, a survivor, was by the barrier that was going to break, Kevin had fallen and was on his knees in front of John. John got hold of Kevin’s left shoulder and held him up while he was holding his friend Kenny at his other side, John remembers the ambulance pulling up and the liverpool scarf being thrown across the windscreen. The barrier gave way and everyone fell down, John told me they were near the top of a pile of bodies, John could not move his legs, when the poor people were moved John grabbed his mate Kenny and helped him over the fence and John  climbed over the fence into pen 2.

Kevin was lifted out of pen 3 at 3.28pm (visual evidence) by PC. Michael Craighill who gave Kevin mouth to mouth. At 3.31pm Kevin was half way across the pitch carried by Steve Hart, Tony O’Keefe, PC Craighill and other Liverpool fans. (photo evidence)

At 3.37pm Kevin was being resuscitated by PC. Bruder aided by Johnny Prescott and a St Johns Ambulance man. PC. Bruder found a pulse in Kevin. At this point an ambulance was now passing them, *entering the pitch, PC Bruder asked for it to be flagged down as he wanted to put Kevin in it.(Photo and video evidence)

PC.Bruder was right about the ambulance, *we found it coming on to the pitch at 3.35pm on the West Midland Police compilation video. Roger Cook found Tony Edwards the assistant driver.

At 3.40pm Special WPC Debra Martin found a pulse and took Kevin into the gym, Debra was told to stay with Kevin and carry out resuscitation, this she did, Kevin started to move so Debra picked him up in her arms. Kevin opened his eyes and he spoke the word “Mum” before he slumped back and died at 4.00pm.

These are Kevin’s movements on the day of the disaster, I have spoken to all the witnesses who were able to tell me what had happened to Kevin – a very different version than what I was told at Kevin’s inquest.

I have spent hours with the top forensic pathologists, particularly Dr. Ian West at Guys Hospital, I have had everything explained to me and numerous medical reports. Kevin’s injuries would not have killed him if he had been given the right care, Kevin did not die from Traumatic asphyxia the cause of death given at his inquests.

Tony Edwards, who I met in 1994 while filming for the Roger Cook Report, told me it was a police cordon that stopped 44 ambulances entering the ground, Tony mowed through the cordon and would have passed Kevin at 3.37pm like PC. Bruder had said.

The coroner had told the families that the reason they could not get the vehicles on the ground was due to ramps and the design of the ground.

All dead or brain-dead by the 3.15pm cut off time, so no evidence came out after that time. Kevin was alive and could have been saved,  The families have had a scrutiny – another stitch up, a private prosecution on Chief Constable Duckenfield, the officer in charge that day, and Bernard Murray which ended in Murray as not Guilty and a hung jury where Duckenfield was concerned.

In 1991 myself and five other families submitted a Memorial [the formal name given to the documents that are put together explaining all the reasons for the submission] to the Attorney General asking for a new inquest into the death of our children, this was refused. ( see Legal Avenues) We then sort as Judicial Review [a legal procedure where a judge can review decisions made by the coroner and decide whether they are appropriate and/or correct] a five-day hearing in the High Court in the Strand London -another stitch up.

In June 1994 Roger Cook ran my story, my MP Sir Malcolm Thornton had my case debated in the House in October 1994, the Attorney General Sir Nicholas Lyall promised he would look at the case again, (see Hansard) we submitted the evidence under section 13 of the coroners act hoping once more for a new inquest… eight months later I was refused.

In 2005 I submitted another Memorial to the Attorney General again with more evidence, again I was told it was not in the interest of Justice that Kevin should get a new inquest. I should have followed his decision with a Judiciary Review only I had no funds to take it through the courts so I submitted my case into Europe with the help of my barrister Ed Fitzgerald QC and solicitor who once again wavered his fees.

In 2006 I submitted my case into the European Courts of Human Rights under section 2The Right To Life.” Kevin’s right, because Kevin had died in the hands of the state he had the right to a fair hearing to determine HOW he died. I was hopeful that Europe would look into all the evidence and give Kevin the Justice he deserved and that is to put the records straight. Williams Vs United Kingdom – another chance for JUSTICE.

I received my answer from Europe in April 2009 – just before the 20th Anniversary of Hillsborough. Every Legal avenue has been blocked yet the evidence is clearly there.

Kevin Daniel Williams was worth nothing to the system, in my eyes he did not fit into their plan so they made him fit, I will never give up my fight. If Kevin gets a new inquest it could open the floodgates for other families and perhaps we could finally have some peace.
Kevin was just a little boy who went to a football match and never came home … I don’t believe myself and the other Hillsborough families deserve to be deprived of the TRUTH.



Steve Hart – a survivor.  John Herbert – a survivor. Tony O’ Keefe – a survivor.  Johnny Prescot – a survivor. PC. Bruder, SWPC Debra Martin and Tony Edwards.
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping my lovely son.

Edward Fitzgerald QC. Alan Jones QC. Elkan Abrahamsom  solicitor. Ann Addlington  solicitor.  Dr Ian West Forensic Pathologist. James Burns Forensic Pathologist. Nat Carey Forensic Pathologist… all who have helped me so much and wavered their fees.

The councilors and in particular the late Jack Spriggs who set up the Hillsborough Working Party and funded the 6 families when we went to London for our Judicial Review.

I still have a case pending, I will be submitting another Memorial once again to the Attorney General seeking a new inquest into the death of my son Kevin Daniel Williams.



2 Responses to Kevin Daniel Williams

  1. anner says:

    I hope the Attorney General is a man of his word,…. a gentleman who keeps his word… his promise at the recent debate at Westminster Hall into the death of Kevin Williams has surely left us all feeling very optimistic … Anne you have the evidence as required under Section 13 of the Coroners Act, .. you always have, you fulfils their rules, if he is a man of his word then Kevin will finally have his new inquest.
    You’ve always been right Anne, and they know you have …. justice for Kevin, justice for all YNWA

  2. irene steer-richards says:

    As a mother you never gave up. I admire you so much and cannot imagine how you kept up the strength for for so long. But you give others hope.and justice has finally come to you which i hope gives you some comfort.

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