Charity Events

Skydive For Justice
On the 14th of July this year 5 brave people will be taking part in a “Tandem” Skydive/Parachute Jump as a fund raising activity at the Black Knights Parachute Centre (North West) to raise money for the Hope For Hillsborough FOR JUSTICE registered charity.
Many of you will already be aware of the recent debate at parliament which was sparked by Anne Williams’ e-petition gaining more than 118,000 signatures in support of her plight and the fact her sons original inquest was tainted with lies … many MP’s spoke out in support. A new inquest taking into account everything that occurred and listening to witnesses will mean opening up the previous “cut off” point of 3:15pm which was imposed in the original inquests … the cut off point has been the biggest miscarriage of justice for all of the 96 families who lost their loved ones.
The preparation of and subsequent inquest will mean barristers and legal fees and so it is hoped this event will raise as much as possible for the charity. We are looking for sponsorship of any amounts, a £1.00 donation from many soon adds up … the charity is in desperate need of funds.
If you would be willing to sponsor either the 5 people as a group or individually and would like more details then do please get in touch.
Alternatively you can leave a comment and/or make a sponsor/donation payment into the charity paypal account but please do include a message that it’s for the skydive event, PLEASE INCLUDE THE SKYDIVERS NAME if sponsoring an individual … our courageous 5 are;
Hillsborough survivor Steve Hart and his brother Tommy Hart, Jan Rathbone and two teenagers 18 yr old Ryan Peters and 18 yr old Nicole Tomkinson.

Thank you so much to all who have already sponsored our incredibly brave members. Justice For All.

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6 Responses to Charity Events

  1. Macca K. Macca says:

    Good Luck to all involved … JFT 96

  2. could not think of a more worthy course, good luck…let justice prevail for the 96

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  4. Good luck , JFT96, JUSTICE, Should of took Maggie up with you.

  5. Miron Netschaew says:

    For the cause..!!

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