About For Justice

For Justice is a registered charity (1131537). The charity was formed out of the Hope for Hillsborough group, and was set up to help pay the significant legal costs pending in the fight for justice for Kevin Daniel Williams.

Kevin Daniel Williams, died aged 15 at Hillsborough

The group is made up of bereaved families and survivors, whose life was changed forever on Saturday 15th April 1989. 96 men, women & children ultimately lost their lives that day, and hundreds more were injured. The group is now run by Ian Barnes, and Sara Williams who are trustees of the charity.

We have been through the British Legal system numerous times seeking a new inquest into the death of Kevin Williams. We have significant evidence that proves Kevin was alive until just before 4pm on 15th April 1989, which includes the evidence of a police officer, a special WPC and an off duty fireman who all attended to Kevin that day.

Dr. Stefan Popper, the coroner, ruled that all that died that day were either dead or would have received injuries from which they could not recover by 3.15pm. The evidence of Kevin Williams as well as several other victims disproves this however, and by imposing a 3.15pm cut-off it starved the families of the chance to hear what happened to their loved-ones after that time, and vitally, to know if they could have been saved.

The evidence:

Here is a clip taken from an interview with Tony O’Keefe, an off-duty fireman, who attended to Kevin on the pitch long after the 3.15pm cut-off that day. The interview will form a part of a new documentary being made on the disaster. More information on that which can be found at www.thehillsboroughdisasterdocumentary.com

Tony O’Keefe carried Kevin across the pitch on a make-shift stretcher, with other Liverpool fans and PC Bruder, who can be seen in the picture below. PC Bruder testified that Kevin was alive, and that he felt a pulse long after 3.15pm but he was later called by a medical expert BEFORE THE INQUEST who told him he must be mistaken, and he was asked to change his statement.

WPC Debra Martin was on duty that day, and she held Kevin in the final moments of his life. She testified that Kevin was alive just before 4pm, and not only that but that he opened his eyes briefly and uttered the word ‘Mum’ before dying. WPC Debra Martin said she was bullied into changing her statement by senior officers. Here is a clip of The Cook report in which WPC Debra Martin talks about her experiences (poor sound)

South Yorkshire Police held 43 ambulances outside of the Hillsborough ground that day, which carried vital equipment & expertise that could have saved lives. We believe that a simple tracheotomy could have saved Kevin and others had they been treated earlier that day.

The match was stopped at 3.06pm that day, and Kevin died just before 4pm which means that approximately 40-45 minutes elapsed in which medical intervention could have saved lives. Why did the police form a cordon across the half-way line instead of helping, when it was patently clear by this stage it wasn’t a pitch invasion? Why was 43 ambulances and their crews refused access to the pitch? These are just a few of the many questions that can’t be answered because of the 3.15pm cut off ruling.

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15 Responses to About For Justice

  1. Iain Spencer says:

    the sooner we get justice the better for all families concerned. my thoughts are with you now at this time of year, peace and love. jft96

  2. annejft96 says:

    The 3:15 pm cut off imposed by the coroner at the inquests has enabled the complete cover up of hillsborough, the failings by the police have never been scrutinised … how many could have lived had they received oxygen or other help from those paramedics who were kept outside?
    certainly Kevin could have been saved.
    Almost 23 years and still having to fight to for justice… its outrageous !

  3. janrathbone says:


  4. alanlfcrathbone says:


  5. johnlemmon says:

    it beggars belief that such compelling evidence is consistently being ignored or more likely, avoided…. hoping it will go away… well guess what, it ain’t going away…. justice for the 96,,, ynwa

  6. Cheryl Percy says:

    So wrong that you are still fighting for the truth. Keep going , be strong. YNWA

  7. mick says:

    Everyone knows the police made the wrong call and tried to cover their tracks.but there also a lot of liverpool supporters in denial about the part they played in the public order problem that started the ball rolling that fateful day.

    • annejft96 says:

      Mick where do you get information from that there was any sort of “public order problem”
      If there was blame with regards to public order then why were there no arrests made?
      The lack of “orderly queues” and fans arriving late was caused by several factors; the design of the area for the turnstiles and the turnstiles themselves were was not suitable for the amount of Liverpool supporters they needed to take, it was impossible to permit those fans at a speed that would keep the crowd moving, crowd management had been completely changed compared to prior years, approaching fans were not directed or stopped to check for correct tickets for that end, (indeed I have read from supporters who were trying to get to the other end of the ground but had no chance), there had been a MAJOR accident on the motorway which had significantly delayed many supporters travelling in by road .. so instead of their arrivals being steady there was mass arrival.
      This was not the fault of the fans who then made their way to the ground
      The Taylor Report covers all these things and there is nothing to support suggestions of a public order problem or unruly crowds. The myth of ticket-less fans was also dispelled by calculations that were made by those investigating.

    • subsy says:

      Another uneducated opinion. I admire Annes restraint and dignity in her reply to you.

  8. Julie Repton says:

    Hi Anne I got your book for Christmas.Very very moving. We will never give up the fight for Kevin and the others. Keep up the great work. You will never walk alone. Xx

  9. Vicki Hornby says:

    Kevin, like 95 other people at hillsborough have never had the justice they deserve and the government has not given 2 hoots for the families left behind like Anne Williams and all her family and the other 95 families. Its time for justice

    J.F.T. 96 – NOW

  10. Stephen Brandt says:

    as an american there’s not much I can do because the petitions are coded only for UK account, but I can blog and get pissed off about what happened. he will get his due.

    all the lies and corruption have to stop

  11. eric says:

    there had been problems with this ground prior to this game the year before for instance , so why was the venue chosen when it was known that it was inadequate

  12. katie says:

    I hope all the ranks and services who lied or withheld evidence are all brought to court, loose titles, jobs and pensions and hang their heads in shame because the families of the 96 can hold their heads up for the stoic dignity they have shown for 23 years. Bless you all YNWA

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